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新观点英语 单词全套 详解全集(第2-5集)第二册5课全|B体育app

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《新观点英语》全套单词全析全解全集(第2-5集)第二册5课《新观点英语》第二册Lesson 5词汇表(标★的为焦点必备词汇)1. pigeon [pidʒin] n.鸽子2. ★message ['mesidʒ]n.信息3. ★over ['əuvə] v.越过4. ★distance ['distəns] n.距离5. ★request [ri'kwest] n.要求,请求6. ★spare [speə] 备件7. ★service ['sə:vis] n.业务,服务《新观点英语》第二册Lesson 5通览课文,掌握大意。相识生词,目的明确。1. pigeon [pidʒin] n.鸽子1.pigeon n. 鸽子1 [可数C or 不行数名词U] a large usually grey bird, which is often seen in towns sitting on buildings in large groups, and is sometimes eaten as food2. pigeon[C] 信鸽a pigeon kept as a pet in order to take part in flying competitions①racing/homing pigeons 赛鸽/信鸽②be not your pigeon UK 习习用语 old-fashioned, not be your responsibility不是(你)的责任③That's not my pigeon .这不归我管。

2. message ['mesidʒ] n.信息[C]INFORMATION⑴message信息;消息;口信a short piece of information that you give to a person when you cannot speak to them directly①If I'm not there when you phone, leave a message.如果你打电话时我不在,就留个口信。[message+ that同位语从句]②I got a message that she'll be late.我获得消息,说她会迟到。⑵message , 思想,(书、影戏或戏剧的)要旨,寓意,中心思想The film's message is that rich and poor are alike.这部影戏旨在告诉人们富人和穷人是相似的。

⑶get the message 领会含意,明确(习习用语idiom) to understand what someone is trying to tell you, even if they are not expressing themselves directlyI never answer his calls and I ignore him every time I see him, so he'd get the message.我从不接他的电话,每次见到他也不予理睬,所以他会明确我的意思吧。⑷ get the message across使人意识到,让人明确【习习用语idiom】,to make someone understandWe need to get the message across that too much sun is dangerous. 我们需要让人们明确过多的日晒是危险的。⑸message verb发短信 [T]to send someone a text messageI messaged him yesterday but haven't had a reply. 昨天我给他发了短信,但没有回音。

3. over ['əuvə] v.越过(1)over ACROSS 越过,从一边到另一边: across from one side to the other, especially by going up and then downShe jumped over the gate.她跃过大门。The road goes over the mountains, not through a tunnel. 这条路并不是穿过隧道,而是翻山而过。

Modern tanks travel over the most difficult ground. 现代化的坦克能在最难通行的门路上行驶。(2) over 更高处, 在…上方 it". 门上方的牌子上写着“出口”She held the umbrella over both of us. 她给我们两人都撑着伞。

Planes dropped leaflets over the city.飞机在都会上空散发传单。(3)over,COVERING,涂盖,笼罩;在…上部 in a position that is covering something①Put a clean cloth over the cakes while they cool.在蛋糕变凉的时候放一块洁。



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